It’s me, Lauren! I'm a recently graduated alumn of Abilene Christian University. I grew up in the DFW area, but I have succumbed to the slow-paced, West-Texas way of life. 

I started photography as a sophomore in high school and fell in love with the fun of PEOPLE. I’m all about you and your story (I’m a sucker for love stories too ;-)). and I hope I get to capture the essence of what you love about yourself (or your significant other).

I love my incredibly talented graphic designing fiance, Daniel ( and my accidentally adopted cats, Leia and Starlord (best crossover in history, don’t challenge me on this one).

BIIIIIIG fan of national parks and conserving them. Catch me hiking through Arches, messing with film at Joshua Tree or getting stuck in snow because we didn’t check the weather before heading to the Sequoias. (I’m serious…. even if you don’t want to shoot, let’s go explore!!!!!).

Above all else, I love Jesus, and I love the ability to use my passion to serve others and act as an example of His kingdom. I'm so thankful for this gift that allows me the opportunity to meet so many different personalities, stories, cultures and loves.

Booking a shoot or not, lets get to know each other through our similarities and differences!

And PLEASE don’t be afraid to hit me with local coffee shop recommendations!! I’m a big coffee gal (but the milky kind), and love to try not Starbucks places :-)


photo by photobyjoy
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